The new normal: Remote X

Remote X – the new situation is here to stay. On the one hand it will be possible to do certain kind of work from home, thanks to technologies like video conferencing tools und cloud computing. On the other hand, due to the Corona virus lockdown, many employees have recognized that home office suddenly is simply possible – something that you had to fight for with your employer in past times and an achievement that most office workers presumably will not want to miss in the future.

The situation: there is no office in the home office

Home office is “the new normal”, just without an office. While mobile phones, laptop computers and a fast internet connection are standard, most homes are not equipped with regular office tools that they are used to work with. There is a lack of space for sticky notes, pens and the visual creation of concepts and ideas on flipcharts and boards. Video conferences are being held in the same sitting position for hours which guarantees boredom and a backache for every participant. And there is a simple reason for that: Our living environment was planned as “home”, not as “office”. This is where HOME joins the game.

What is HOME and which problem does it solve? 

HOME is an all-in-one workstation to temporarily add some office flavor to our homes. The pop up office workstation consists of whiteboard modules made out of KAPA, which allows the highest possible agility in a narrow space. All boards are magnetic and have a whiteboard surface, additional features offer the possibility to arrange laptops and mobile phones in different positions for diversified video conferences.

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